Cerbero SDK Documentation

This is the official documentation for Cerbero Suite and Cerbero Engine.


We’re currently in the process of creating the documentation for our SDK one module at a time. For the benefit of our users we decided to release the documentation for each module as soon as completed. Over the course of the following months more modules will be added to the documentation.


Built-in File Format Modules

The following list of built-in format modules does not represent all of the file formats supported by our products. Certain file formats are not exposed to Python, while others are implemented directly in Python or as external packages. The following list only represents built-in file formats implemented in C++, which do have a stable API and were therefore exposed to Python.

  • Pro.ELF - API for parsing ELF executables (TODO)

  • Pro.MachO - API for parsing Mach-O executables (TODO)

  • Pro.PDB - API for parsing Microsoft debug files (TODO)

  • Pro.PE - API for parsing Portable Executables (TODO)

  • Pro.PNG - API for parsing PNG images (TODO)

  • Pro.RTF - API for parsing Rich-Text documents (TODO)

  • Pro.SQLite3 - API for parsing SQLite3 databases (TODO)

  • Pro.SWF - API for parsing Adobe Flash files (TODO)

  • Pro.TIFF - API for parsing TIFF images (TODO)

  • Pro.XML - API for parsing XML documents (TODO)

  • Pro.Zip - API for parsing Zip archives (TODO)

External Built-in Modules

  • Pro.magic - magic library API (TODO)

  • Pro.SQLite - API for handling SQLite3 databases (TODO)

  • Pro.yara - YARA engine API (TODO)

  • Pro.zmq - ZeroMQ API (TODO)

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